The Edgestone Foundation

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Over three years ago, our Director Gilles Marceau, got involved in a project , on behalf of the Buchan Family Foundation,that held significant promise to help those where  the standard treatment approaches (medications and psychotherapy) were ineffective. With the generous support of  Tina  Buchan 's Private Foundation, Dr Jonathan Downar and his team have been able to create a “model clinic” at the Toronto Western Hospital: a demonstration of a new approach to psychiatry.

By incorporating the newly developed treatment techniques into regular clinical practice, the Downar Team have been able to increase the capacity of their 3 rTMS treatment suites to upwards of 50 patients a day – higher than anywhere else in Canada, and higher than any academic centre in the USA.

With remission rates now approaching 50% and the cost-per-remission significantly reduced, this clinic showcases the tremendous potential of rTMS to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, while at the same time yielding substantial cost savings for our healthcare system compared to current practice.

The significant outcomes of this clinical trial was the base  upon which Edgestone was created as this project recognized and geared it clinical trail not only to offer a significant alternative to current treatments but to find ways in which to reduce the cost 
so as to enable OHIP to consider funding ( OHIP has agreed to fund Centres of Excellence) and to build capacity so that waiting for treatment is not an overbearing process .