The Edgestone Foundation

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Our Management Team is a very seasoned all volunteer team.

Our “noble purpose” at this stage of our lives is to contribute our learnings from a life-time of both PRIVATE AND PUBLIC business management to bring great charitable ideas into becoming self-sustaining realities that behave just like any normal business does.  And what better way than to focus on finding cures for social ills affecting those people who are burdened with mental illness, so that they may  find a way to become a productive and satisfied contributors to modern society.

Mark Toivanen: Retired global base metals business executive having had a broad range of responsibilities as chief executive, operating officer, strategist and director of board of both public (NYSE and TSX) and private companies. Directed large capital intensive and technologically complex business units and projects and led major corporate merger and acquisition projects. Elected to serve as Chairman and President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Quebec in late 80's.

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Gilles R. Marceau: Registered Financial Planner (retired) has had a successful four-decade career in the life insurance, banking, and investment and securities businesses.  Gilles has been involved in private philanthropy for over 40 years including being the Executive Director of a significant private foundation and Board Member of a Hospital Foundation. Gilles brings expertise in charitable project management that ensures all stakeholders achieve maximum impact and measurable results.

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James D Parker: After 31 years of experience in public sector policy and operations at senior level executive positions, Jim founded PMC Inc.  Since 1998, he has provided executive leadership that has seen his company successfully complete engagements across the Public, Not For Profit and Private Sectors in Canada and Internationally. Jim is a certified management consultant in Canada and the Caribbean.

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