The Edgestone Foundation

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We look for strong leaders with high ambition in the charities we support!


First and foremost we will simply not support an idea or a cause just because it is compassionate or great, if we deem that the charity’s champions are not supported by strong leadership.

We expect the leaders to be ambitious yet with feet on the ground.  We expect that they continually ask implementation questions like “what needs to happen for [ …… ] to succeed” or “what steps do they need to take for [ ….. ] to happen”. While the final outcomes need to be material and scalable, the implementation steps can and should be small, concrete and manageable with the resources assigned to them. Our belief is that great ideas with clear implementation paths can all be funded.

And finally another key reason that we need these leaders is to manage through the difficult terrain of balancing the financial accountability, the compassion for the cause and the innovational capability through the process.

Edgestone will hold the teams accountable to achieve the results.