The Edgestone Foundation

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What does Edgestone do?


Edgestone works with Ontario based Charities and with Canadian Foundations, whose compassionate vision is to help young people, who are struggling with physical and mental disabilities.

The passion that unites us is to help young people to discover opportunities to create a Quality of Life for themselves regardless of obstacles and circumstances.  

Edgestone applies its "High Impact Philanthropy" process with Charities and Foundations with the objective of building a more informed giving process.   As the result, the Charities become more effective in achieving results and like-minded compassionate Foundations are satisfied that their funds are making a difference for youth.

Edgestone partners with regional private foundations to create projects with local Charities.  These projects are run by Charities that have been enabled by Edgestone's processes.  From time to time, Edgestone may participate in the financing and through Gift Agreements provides direct stewardship to achieve sustainable results.

High Impact Philanthropy Makes Edgestone Unique


Edgestone applies the business knowledge and experience of its key board members and other subject matter experts and others along with modern management tools to enable philanthropic compassion to become sustainable reality.  The current Board members bring in the expertise in Business management, Philanthropy and the internal workings of governments and not for profit organizations including charities.


Edgestone's processes focus on leadership within the charities and on their potential of meeting emerging demands. Everything starts from having in place a visionary and committed leadership, without which any project is bound to fail, regardless of its merits.


Edgestone will require and guide the Charity to answer key questions that help turn compassions into making a difference for youth and to bring about sustainable results.  Some of the typical questions are:


Is there strong committed leadership sponsoring the project

Does the initiative have measurable and proven impacts?

Are the impacts cost effective?

Will the impacts be sustainable?

Can the initiative continue to grow and meet emerging needs?


Edgestone's Ambition


Ontario's leading Go-To-Place for informed giving sought by Foundations and Charities, who are passionate about helping young people to discover new "Quality of Life" regardless of obstacles and circumstances.